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We strive to meet our customers' expectations through research & development that focuses on the "integration of 'manufacturer' and 'user'".
Research & Development

"Technology" is the concentration of knowledge, and the source of that knowledge is the needs of our customers. Air Water Mach, Inc. believes that the integration of "manufacturer" and "user" results in innovation and evolution in technology, and strives to make progress in this direction on a daily basis. Research and development at Air Water Mach, Inc. branches into a variety of fields, such as the development of materials in the compounds field, the development of new manufacturing methods in the machining field, and production facilities in the production technology field. Research is performed jointly with the adjacent facilities of the Air Water Research and Development Center. We also offer a variety of new proposals regarding shape, dimension, material, and characteristics, according to the current needs of our customers.

Development of Material for Liquid Crystal and Semiconductor Equipment


Following the introduction of Eco R.Echo Perfuor O rings for conventional liquid crystal and semiconductor equipment, we now offer the Pororoca brand, which provides superior resistance to heat, chemicals, and plasma. This line of products has been developed for reliable use in high-tech fields where severe usage environments are common.

Development of Composites of Rubber and Other Materials

Depending on usage environment, rubber might offer insufficient resistance to temperature, chemicals, and other conditions. A number of composite products, such as metals and resins, are available to resolve this shortcoming and make the most of the properties of chemical materials. Creating composites of rubber and other materials requires the combination of a variety of surface modification materials and adhesion technology. Although this field is different than that of O rings, these products have been rated highly by customers in a variety of industries.

Examples of Composite Products
Purpose Fire hydrants Dairy farming Gas generating equipment
Area Ball valves Automated milking equipment Water electrolysis electrode plate
Composite materials Rubber, Teflon, and metal Rubber, Teflon, and metal Rubber and metal
  Ball valves Automated milking equipment Water electrolysis electrode plate