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Metal Business

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About Our Metal Products

We have 60 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of high performance, high quality turnbuckle building hardware as well as steel posts and turnbuckles. With high performance and quality, our products have been adopted as a behind-the-scenes power by a wide range of customers from public facilities and major home builders to general contractors.
Growing from a metal processing business, we also provide high corrosion-resistant painting service that we have developed through research based on our exclusive know-how. Through strict quality control and thorough consultation with our customers, we constantly strive to ensure reliable and sound business relationships.

Turnbuckle Bodies

Turnbuckles are a tool used to adjust the tension of rope, wire, rod, and other items. By shaping the entire torso—the part that adjust the tension—into a rectangular shape, it can be hooked anywhere with a wrench and provides excellent handling.



Metal Surface Coating

We provide environmentally friendly, high-corrosion-resistant baked coating service for building hardware under strict quality and delivery schedule control. With our continuous furnace and vault-type batch furnace, we can handle orders starting at small lot sizes. We can perform surface treatments such as Ruspert, acrylic paint, melamine paint, and fluorine resin.


Painting Overview

  • Three paint colors (black, mild brown, silver)

  • Coating Methods

    First coat process Undercoat paint Undercoat paint Finish painting
    Ruspert Color chromate Undercoat Ruspert
    Non-chrome Zinc nitrate Primer Ruspert
    Whisker support Phosphate iron Primer Ruspert
    Ruspert is a trademark of Japan Ruspert Co., Ltd.

     (Environmentally friendly high-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment technology)

    Ruspert is a rust-proof coating consisting of surface-baked layers with a metal zinc layer as the first layer, a highly corrosion resistant chemical conversion coating layer as the second layer, and a ceramic material as the third layer. Ruspert is characterized by the strong combination of surface-baked layers and chemical film layer through a crosslinking effect. In addition, it is tightly combined with a metal zinc layer through chemical reaction. This combination creates a strong and dense composite coating. Unlike single-substance rust-proofing as in ordinary surface treatments, Ruspert treatments comprehensively improve corrosion resistance.
    【Ruspert non-chrome】Ruspert non-chrome