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Echo Perfluor

Echo Perfluor is AIR WATER MACH’s proprietary ultra-high performance fluororubber. It maintains the properties of conventional fluororubbers and can be used under severe conditions impossible with conventional rubber including organic polar solvents, various chemicals (*), acids, and alkalis. This revolutionary special synthetic rubber can be used in ways like fluororesin (Teflon).

* Amines, anilines, ketones, esters, ethers, furans, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatics, and other chemicals

Echo Perfluor is a special synthetic rubber that features a wide operating temperature range and the best steam resistance among synthetic rubbers. It can therefore be used in places where seal material should be used, but in practice, fluororesin and metal packings are the only materials that can be used. Compared to other rubbers, Echo Perfluor exhibits less outgassing and it is also suitable as a sealing material for manufacturing equipment such as that for semiconductors. Echo Perfluor is consistently processed in a clean room starting from mixing and molding all the way to cleaning and packaging.


  • Exceptional chemical resistance, solvent resistance, and oil resistance
  • Can be used over a wide temperature range (+220°C heat resistant range)
  • Excellent low temperature characteristics (Retains elasticity at a low temperature range of -20°C)
  • Excellent electrical characteristics
  • Excellent for food safety applications (Food Sanitation Law compliant)
  • Suitable for the manufacturing of molded products (molded objects, sheets, round bars etc.)

Types of Rubber material

As a rubber material, Echo Perfluor is available in three types. We also handle custom-order products suitable for severe operating environments such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Please contact us to learn more.

Types of rubber material

Type PB-70 PW-70 PC-50
Appearance Black White Transparent
Specific gravity 1.93~1.97 2.09~2.15 1.96~2.01
Hardness 71~81 65~75 46~56

Properties of Echo Perfluor Vulcanized Rubber

Physical characteristics of Echo Perfluor

Item PB-70 PW-70 PC-50
Appearance Black White Transparent
Specific gravity Approx. 1.94 Approx. 2.12 Approx. 1.98
Vitrification temperature (DSC) -19 -19
Gehman torsion test -21 -21
Hardness (JIS A) 75 70 50
Tensile strength MPa 12.9 10.1 3.9
Elongation 110 140 240
100% modulus MPa 10.5 6.5 1.3
Compression set (200°C × 70 hours) 22 25
Change in hardness Points -2 -1
Tensile strength change rate -7 -20
Change in elongation +17 +25
The above test method conforms to JIS K-6301 (physical testing methods for vulcanized rubber).

Echo Perfluor Food Safety

Conformance test results according to Ministry of Health and Welfare Act Notification No. 20

Echo Perfluor food sanitation test

Item Results
Material test Lead Compliant
Cadmium Compliant
Dissolution test Heavy metal Not detected
Potassium permanganate consumption Compliant

Low Temperature Characteristics of Echo Perfluor

Low temperature torsion test (Gehman torsion test)

The results of the Gehman low temperature torsion test exhibit that rubber elasticity is maintained down to a considerably lower temperature range compared to competitor products.

Electrical Properties of Echo Perfluor

Electric characteristics of Echo Perfluor

Item Echo Perfluor
Volume resistance (Ω-cm) 1.4X1017
Dielectric constant (23°C, 103 Hz) 2.4
Dielectric loss tangent (23°C, 103 Hz) Dielectric constant (23℃,103HZ)
Breakdown voltage (KV/0.15 mm) 7.0

Solvent Resistance and Chemical Resistance of Echo Perfluor

Among fluororubbers, Echo Perfluor demonstrates outstanding solvent resistance and chemical resistance. It can be used under severe operating conditions and in applications not possible with conventional fluororubbers. Unlike vinylidene fluoride rubbers, Echo Perfluor can also be used with ketones, esters, furans, organic acids, alkalies, and amines. However, in Freon solvents, its volume increases greatly due to its similar scientific composition.

Main Applications of Echo Perfluor

Echo Perfluor is suitable for the following use cases:
* Please contact us for information concerning adhesion to metals.
Used case Area Usage example
Oil, solvent, and chemical resistance, etc. Analytical machines

◎Seals, valves and diaphragms for gas and liquid chromatographs

◎Seals for titration analyzers

◎Seals, tubes, valves, and diaphragms for pollution prevention analysis and surveillance system equipment

Elution, extraction, and volatility resistance, etc. Analytical and physicochemical equipment ◎Seals, tubes, valves, and diaphragms for analytical and physicochemical precision instruments for heat, mass, NMR, electron beams, X-rays, vacuums, optics, elution, extraction, etc.
Solvent resistance Paint and painting equipment ◎Seals, tube valves, and diaphragm parts for pumps, reactors, stirrers, and mixing machines
Printing and coating facilities ◎Printing roll, coating roll, scraper, tube, and valve parts
OA equipment ◎Ink tubes, copier rolls, and valve parts for printers
Semiconductor manufacturing ◎Seals, tubes, and diaphragm parts for filters and pumps
Chemical resistance and hot water resistance Chemical plants

◎Pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturing processes

◎Dye synthesis processes

◎Resin manufacturing processes

◎Surfactant production processes

Seals, tubes, valves, diaphragms etc. for the above

Salt electrolysis industry ◎Diaphragm sealing material and tube parts.
Fuel cells ◎Seals, tubes, and valve parts.
Other ◎Seals, tubes, valves, and diaphragm parts resistant to highly corrosive gases

Custom Order Items

We can manufacture and quickly deliver perfluoroelastomers of any size according to customer specifications. We can also manufacture perfluoroelastomer products of various shapes such as flange gaskets, diaphragms, various packings, T-seals, V-packings, U-cups, etc.