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Large Size Ring

Moldless Process


  • O-rings of the required size can be made without custom metal molds. Ring formation by the moldless manufacturing process is a technique used to make special non-standard dimensions. Because this process does not require creating a mold for a single item or small quantity, we can offer large diameter O-rings at a low cost and short delivery time.
  • O-rings with an inside diameter of 300 mm or greater can be made.
  • A variety of O-ring thicknesses are available to meet any request from φ3 mm to φ20 mm.
  • Production is performed on equipment specialized for the moldless process to guarantee stable dimensional accuracy.
  • The same materials as standard products are used to provide sound reliability.
  • No weakening of joints occurs because bonding is performed by vulcanization.
  • Various types of cross-sectional shapes are available including the O.

Shapes Possible with the Moldless Process

Round cord

Bullet-shaped packing

D-shaped packing

Square ring