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Research and Development

R&D delivering technological innovation

In order to keep up with evolving demands while considering the ideals sought out by our customers, AIR WATER MACH continuously strives to create a research organization that maintains and improves quality and develops material compounding and manufacturing methods. We also actively conduct joint research with the adjacent Air Water Research Institute to develop products that deliver new values. The developers at AIR WATER MACH relentlessly continue research and development activities for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Materials Development
for LCD and Semiconductor Equipment

As a new addition to our Echo Perfluor series, which has gained wide customer support as an O-ring for semiconductor equipment, we have developed a new brand of products named Pororoca that features excellent heat, chemical, and plasma resistance. We are building a steady foothold as a brand in high-tech fields where usage environments are often very demanding.

Echo Perfluor

Echo Perfluor is AIR WATER MACH’s proprietary, ultra-high-performance fluororubber. It can be used under conditions impossible with conventional rubber products while maintaining the characteristics of conventional fluororubber.


Pororoca is AIR WATER MACH’s technical brand of O-rings used in LCD and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It can handle severe chemical environments and fulfills requirements such as heat, chemical, and plasma resistance.

Composite Product Development
with Rubber and Non-rubber Materials

Depending on the user's usage environment, rubber may not be durable enough to withstand the temperatures and chemicals. We offer composite products of metal, resin, and other materials that deal with this drawback and maximize the characteristics of the material. In order to combine different materials with rubber, a combination of various surface modification materials and bonding techniques is required. Such materials are popular among customers in various industries outside of the O-ring field.

Fire hydrants

Ball valves
Composite materials
Rubber + Teflon + metal

Dairy industry related

Automatic milking robots
Composite materials
Rubber + Teflon + metal

Gas generators

Water electrolysis electrode plates
Composite materials
Rubber + metal

For Product Analysis, Resistance Evaluation,
Material Measurement, and More

Using special analysis and drafter equipment,
we provide support for product analysis and tolerance evaluation
according to customer requests.

Heated gas and organic gas composition analysis


Component elements / composition ratio analysis

Ozone resistance inspection machines

Scanning electron microscopes

Tensile testers

Production and Quality Control

Unwavering superior quality

In order to ensure continued delivery of high quality products, we have acquired ISO 9001 certification for our domestic and overseas factories and apply these quality control strategies in all processes. In addition to providing process traceability, we have developed a feedback system for all processes to gather information from customer inquiries, product analysis, and process analysis. We have furthermore developed a production system that integrates all processes from product development and design, to mold production, material, molding, inspection, and packaging. Within this system, we have created an automated line for molding and inspection processes that provides customers with consistent quality products.

High Quality Products
through a Consistent Production and Management System

From the customer perspective, it is the responsibility of the production site to consistently supply high quality products. AIR WATER MACH produces superior products that customers love through an integrated production system that incorporates product design, tooling-making, molding, and packaging all within the company.


Experienced engineers perform mixing in collaboration with the system.


We also use advanced automatic molding machines for production.

Product inspection

Highly accurate inspections are performed using automatic inspection equipment.

High Performance Products
Produced in a Cleanroom

Our second factory with cleanroom specifications was completed in May 2008. Here, we mainly manufacture high performance products for semiconductors and LCDs. This factory provides extra quality and an excellent environment specialized for high performance products and integrates the entire production process from material mixing to packaging into a cleanroom. New equipment was also introduced to increase the production capacity of perfluoroelastomer products and support the production of high performance, clean specification products.

Air shower




Product inspection