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Integrated production in a clean room from mixing to inspection, molding and packaging.

We are expanding the sales of our various seals and rubber products worldwide, including our ultra-high-performance sealing materials for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, custom-made rubber molded products, composite products using mixed materials such as rubber, metal and resin, as well as fluorine resin products.


Focusing mainly on urethane casting products, we strive for high performance and superior quality.

We manufacture and sell high-performance, high-quality products optimized for durability and abrasion resistance in urethane casting. Working with our customers, we develop and bring to market products such as rollers, pulleys, semiconductor parts, belts, and various cast molded parts.


Moving straight forward, and at times, in many directions at once.

We manufacture and sell high-performance, high-quality steel posts, turnbuckles and turnbuckle building hardware. We serve and support a wide range of customers from public facilities and major home builders to general contractors.

Animal Medical

For the future of the livestock and dairy industry.

We strive to contribute to the development of the livestock and dairy industry through the manufacture and sale of bovine fertilized egg (embryo) transplanters.


Obtained SIAA mark from Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles

Developing antimicrobial deodorant for the creation of an eco-friendly environment.

We do not believe in pursuing functionality at the expense of safety. Based on this philosophy, we are developing deodorants aimed at creating an eco-friendly environment. We handle business, household, and OEM products.

Company Profile

Aiming to become a strong world-class company.