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Accumulate knowledge for the expansion of business relating to air, water, and Earth with a pioneering mentality  Air Water Group Management Philosophy

The "air and water" used by Air Water, Inc. support all life on our planet. They are components of the Earth, and therefore we are performing the "Earth's work". Our goal is to move forward as pioneers in this business field of endless possibilities that is the Earth, in order to make contributions to our planet.

The advantage Air Water, Inc. has in creating new businesses is our diverse knowledge. The Air Water Group has accumulated a variety of knowledge and technologies, and the endless possibilities for the further accumulation of knowledge continue to broaden.

The mission of Mach, the core company in the Air Water Group, is to provide technology that is useful to our customers. Technology is the concentration of knowledge, and the source of knowledge is the needs of our customers. We believe that the integration of "manufacturer" and "user" results in innovation and evolution in technology, and strive to make progress in this direction on a daily basis. We look forward to your continued support as pursue our goal of becoming a "company that is connected to our customers through technology".

Management Vision
  • Aim to become a strong global company with a core business of O rings and other seal material.
  • Aim to become a company that develops technology to respond to changes with the times.